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High Street | Moffat | DG10 9ET

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"Lovely people ... Great Hotel ... Fantastic food ... Simply love this place!"
Roger & Julie Read

Meet the Team

Buccleuch Arms Hotel Moffat


Managing Director

There is no questioning his passion to take the Buccleuch on a journey in the pursuit of genuine quality. With Dave at the helm we have resigned ourselves to the fact that there will always be a new challenge and another mountain to climb. The man is driven, focused and dedicated. The words, eccentric, maverick and single-minded are bandied around. He (alone) rejects them all. We say he is in denial. Another of the many “Born again Bikers” and by all accounts absolutely loving it, grinning from ear to ear!

Polly Smith

Polly (Lawrence)


Our graphics/marketing/research/IT/projects man who oversees the Coachman Bar and gets thrown in to any and every area when needed, you never know where he will pop up. Another passionate biker who will jump on two wheels at a flip of a hat!

Clint Smith



Mr. Good Guy, Mr. Nice Guy, Mr. Fix-it Guy, Mr. Support Guy, Mr. Organiser Guy. A man for all seasons. One of the staff said “he is everybody’s favourite” and he now gets mocked unmercifully about it, feel free to climb in. A passionate biker with a wealth of knowledge of the area and growing.

Lara Smith



With enormous satisfaction and a great sigh of Relief, Lara eventually found (after 12 long years) the person she believed in and trusted to take over the reins and leadership of the Buccleuch Kitchen so she can concentrate her energies on other needy areas of the hotel whilst giving Davie Ferris – our exec chef – any support and back up he needs in the kitchen. The little spare time gained from this exercise will be focused on front of house and housekeeping in our continued quest to improve on service, delivery and the overall guest experience.
Her passion is walking with an eye on mountains and peaks (some might say – Route Marching). Even “Diesel” the bulldog, gets going with her up the hills.

Jonesy Smith

Yvonne (Jonesy)


Our Rock of Gibraltar. You’ve just got to feel sorry for this lady being married to Dave – for so long! Hidden in the dungeons and back rooms of the hotel doing all the admin and cleaning up behind Dave. Very efficient and dependable. Also a passionate biker and always keen to drop the ball and chain and hit the bends and twisties. She is the easiest lady to buy gifts for, whether it’s birthday, Christmases or even anniversaries her list of motorcycle paraphernalia wants and needs are a mile long, did we mention she’s passionate about her bike!

Hayley Howe


Manager - All things – Front of House

Our Hales! Where do we start? You will always see her flitting in and out, getting involved, standing in, covering any weak spots. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience which she provides to the team whenever it is needed. Internally she is either the butt of the joke (always for a good reason – of course) or leading from the front making someone else the butt and nothing in between.  Anyone (guest or staff) giving Hales a hard time in jest will definitely have Dave’s full support. She enjoys a fantastic sense of humour and is the consummate team player. She is likely to be your first exchange with the hotel as she runs the bookings and events.


Executive Chef

It took us quite a long time and a lot of patience before we managed to bring Davie on board. For many years now our timings have always been out of kilter. A great chef with such a strong passion for food, working with food, using quality produce and pride – he was always going to be a natural fit. He is equally passionate and indeed knowledgeable about Wine, Beers and Ales – All in a very professional manner you understand. Davie has been working in the industry since he was 15 and has never lost his passion for it. The bonus – he is a great guy and a great family man!! Just talk to him about fishing and you will have an impassioned and enthusiastic conversation ahead.

Dale MacKenzie


Assistant Manager: Coachman Bar

Dale has been with us long enough to remember when his hair was his pride and joy (trimmed weekly) and now just a long distant memory! Dale is a brilliant man, always eager to please and willing to go the extra mile for anyone who needs his help. Dave takes great delight in keeping him on the straight and narrow – Dale has no say in this! He has come through the ranks, accumulating amazing knowledge and experience which is being put too good use as he champions basic training in the Buccleuch while managing the Coachman Bar on a daily basis.

Margaret Jardine


Breakfast Waitress

Always happy and willing, it is not by mistake that ‘Maggy May’ is your breakfast waitress. Even at six in the morning on a cold and dark winters morning she is still a ray of sunshine. Don’t be deceived by her gentle lady like quietness as underneath that facade rages a wicked sense of humour. No big surprise that she’s big buddies with Hayley. She also has a canny way of keeping the breakfast chefs on their toes to so please ignore the raucous from beyond the swinging doors.

Esther Sproat



Quiet, dependable and reliable. Happily married to a giant of a man ironically called Willie (nothing wee about him). We are so fortunate to have a housekeeper of such calibre. Committed, dedicated and absolutely reliable. Sits in the corner at tea time and every now and again come out with a gem, absolutely unexpected. Often spoils the team with lovely homemade goodies, long may this continue.

Ella Siewierska



Our ‘Ella Bella’. You can often hear her booming voice down the hallways. One of her first English phrases she learnt here was ‘I’m always fine’ and she’s lived up to that ever since. A great lady with a very wicked sense of humour and a pleasure to work with. No conversation is ever left without a beaming smile. She is one person that can, and does, put Dave squarely in his place.

Kay Fyfe



Poor old Kay. She merely tendered to design, produce and put up our curtains after the refurb. She completed her task with good style and immediately got roped in to do housekeeping. She had no idea what hit her and had no time to escape or do a runner. A delightful and charming lady with a big heart and a twinkle in her eye. Such a pleasure to have on board. Needless to say, little bits of mending, sewing and repairing are all part of her repertoire.

Sophie Donaldson



Dave got this poor young girl off to a painful and difficult start after terrifying her (in jest) about a number of staff. It was most difficult as he had not realised that she was hanging on to his every word.  Needless to say that after the realisation that the staff in question were not ogres ready to eat new staff, things just got better and less scary and weary. He claims this helped her settle in quicker.  The jury is still out on that one … Sophie is a lovely gentle young lady that is already becoming a great asset to the team.

Angharad Wood

Angharad (Harry)


Harry happily was destined to do student work at the Buccleuch following in the steps of her two brothers.  However she has certainly not arrived in their shadow as she is very much her own woman and already making her positive input and contribution to the team.  She is with us for the long haul (we hope) as she embarks on her degree at University.   This is quite a lady. We all look forward to her growth in the coming years.

Hope McFadzean



This is simply a lovely young lady. We are so fortunate to have her on board. Hope is another of our young ladies working her way through University, but it looks like she will be with us for the long haul returning during her vacs and odd weekends – at least we hope so. She fits straight in and gets on with it. This is one cool customer.

Jamie Acres



Jamie is a good solid local Moffat man. He is currently setting out on a career in law and possibly law enforcement but realises he needs a little bit more of life’s experience before he moves on. What better place to find it than in a Hotel and in particular a Hotel such as the Buccleuch. We look forward to playing a role in this part of his life and exposing him to the gentler side of dealing with the public. We have no doubt that he will achieve his objective along the way. We do hope he is with us for a while as he has become a great attribute to the Hotel.




Whatever this lady had been doing in her past life is either a mistake or has played a significant role in moulding her to what she is today.  She is simply born to Hospitality. She is a natural.  She has boundless energy.  She has a smile that lights up the room.  She understands the Buccleuch ethos of “really” going the extra mile. We were so lucky that she was willing to make a career change. We are so lucky that she chose us to do it.




This lovely young lady is a smiler and of happy disposition. She has a twinkle in her eye and is so easy going.  She has joined the team, we hope for the long haul, as she has simply “got it”. We are looking forward to seeing her grow in stature as she acquires more wisdom and experience. She is a consummate team player and will add to the team dynamics in a positive way.

Seamus Powers


Jack of all Trades

A little bit of this, a little bit of that. You might find him here, you might find him there. I don’t think he even knows exactly where he is at any given time. Seamus is our man who does bits and pieces and odd’s and sods. Great sense of humour, great story teller, just make yourself comfortable if you get him started.