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"So welcoming! - Our third stay and will not be our last. Love the refurb, so clever! Food and service as brilliant as ever."
Martin and Julie

Coronavirus Updates

Buccleuch Arms Hotel Moffat

The Buccleuch’s Current Status – OPEN (from March 15 2022)

( Check on Scotland’s current Coronavirus standing HERE)

Front of Buccleuch Arms Hotel
Front of Buccleuch Arms Hotel


By now most people around the world are very aware of the Covid19 pandemic and how it’s affecting the way we all go about our lives and how businesses can and have to operate. We at the Buccleuch are doing our very best to ensure that every guest that stays with us has an enjoyable experience whilst keeping you and our controlled environment safe. In fact don’t just take our word for it, we have been overwhelmed and humbled by such warm responses and reviews by are many guests who have stayed with us in the recent months … have a peep at our tripadvisor page … (Tripadvisor).

As of the 21st of March 2022 the Scottish government hopes to lift almost all restrictions. If you would like to know the full details please visit the Government website at One notable difference between Scotland and England is that in Scotland it is still mandatory to wear face coverings in indoor public spaces. Having said that there are some exceptions, one which affects the Buccleuch and the way in which we operate.

As an exception to the rule the Scottish Government states:

“Guests residing in tourist accommodation are exempt from face coverings rules if members of the public do not have access.” … Source:

Our main aim is to always provide the safest and most comfortable experience for all of our guests. We do this through our rigurous cleaning regimes and also maintaining a comfortable spacious environment. We want all our residents and guests to feel they have space and fresh air.

For guests who have stayed with us pre covid times and as an indication of some of the ways in which we will be operating here are a few pointers.

Meals, both dinner and breakfast, will be conducted during specified times and in a staggered, by booking manner. Any guests will have the opportunity to choose their seating time when they arrive. It will be on a first come first served basis but we will try and accommodate everyone’s wishes.

Hopefully below will answer any more of your questions but please feel free to contact us for any more information: Contact Us


QUE: Is the hotel open?

YES … However … over and above a full hotel with accommodation residents we may have very little space.

QUE: Can I book now for future dates?

YES … our diary is online and available for any future bookings. (BOOK HERE)

QUE: Do I have to book a place in the restaurant?

Throughout the summer we are running at close to full capacity with our residents. This in turn means that we are unable to take advance dinner bookings due to our limited table availability. If we do have a table available, we will happily fit you in. Please check with us on the evening in question. Evening meals are served between 6 and 8pm

QUE: Do you do lunches?

At the moment our restaurant is closed for lunches … However … we have created a substantial packed meal which can be ordered the night before your departure. We think you will be impressed with the selection and we encourage you to take advantage of this so you can enjoy stunning countryside. (Packed Lunch Menu)

QUE: Are the rooms sanatised?

Absolutely! … We adopted stringent routines and policies during the more serious Covid periods and we have maintained these same systems and policies since.

Linen – Our linen is provided by a well established and reputable private company (Shortridge) who launders to BS EN 14065 & HTM 01-04 ensuring hygienically clean linen in line with NHS infection control measures commenced in the weeks prior to lock down.

General Cleaning – We have minimalised surfaces in rooms and public areas where possible and all rooms are regimentaly deep cleaned daily and before new arrivals using approved and recognised products. We have invested in a state of the art electrostatic sanatisation machine which allows us to give a deeper, fuller and more comprehensive sanatisation process in line with intensive care units in hospitals – It’s not a cheap machine!

QUE: Do you have hand sanatising gel?

Yes … There are only two ways into the hotel. The front door and a door leading from our garden at the rear of the hotel. There are hand sanatising stations at both these entrances.

There will also be a hand sanatising station at the central stairwell where almost all corridors off shoot from. We do ask that everyone sanatises their hands on entry and as often as needed within the building. We all have to maintain some sort of self awareness, we know it is difficult but soon it will become second nature.

QUE: Do I have to wear a face mask in the hotel?

No … As of the 18th of April 2022 the legal requirement to wear face coverings in most indoor public spaces and on public transport in Scotland became guidance only and not a requirement.

QUE: Can I drink alcohol in the hotel?

YES. All restrictions on where you can drink alcohol have been dropped.