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"Been a couple of times myself with friends and family. Took my partner and we were blew away! It had received a make over since my last visit and it gets better and better. Great service, great menu and the food was amazing. Served very hot and fresh. 10/10"
Jacob T

Beef Tub Comfort Grill

Buccleuch Arms Hotel Moffat

Winter 2019

** NOTICE ** (UPDATE – Open until Sat 4th Jan 2020)


The GOOD, the SAD and the OTHER …



From Friday 1st November we have made the sad but realistic decision to close the Restaurant at the Buccleuch (aka The Beef Tub Comfort Grill) for the winter period. Every winter in Scotland brings with it harsh trading conditions and a huge (seriously – HUGE) drop in visitor numbers. We anticipate that the winter of 2019/2020 is going to be considerably harsher than the norm due to a number of national issues.

 Indecision at a political level in “Brexit or Remain” has caused and is likely to cause a further slump in the economy. In addition, our experience from the last Independence referendum showed that the campaign (regardless of any political stance or view) will cause a slump in visitor numbers during the course of the campaign and will add to the difficult trading  climate as the new campaign is about to be formally launched. In general the World economy has also slowed down dramatically.  We need to be prepared, fit and lean to withstand this slowdown.


We will be serving a CHRISTMAS MENU to cater for groups, corporates and parties for 10 people and over and are happy to discuss any functions that our venue may be suited for.

We will also be temporarily OPENING the restaurant from December the 27th to January the 4th to make good of the festive season. We expect this period to be quite busy so please book well in advance.



Although the restaurant will be closing for the winter period the hotel will still be in full operation as a Bed and Breakfast. We will also open the bar from 5pm on an as and when basis, when weather or business prevailing on the day permits, or close early if there has been no custom for a significant period. After all, it will be silly to attempt to keep it open if everyone is cosy at home.



The GOOD NEWS is that we will turn this difficult period over the  winter months into an opportunity to refurb, develop new operating systems, develop and put into effect a new management /operating style change and hone into our already successful menu going forward.  The best time to do all of this of course is in the “dead” of winter.

The sad part is having to close the restaurant which has meant some painful staff losses.  These are not just idle words as we have always had and continue to have an excellent relationship with all of our staff. Not one member of staff has is leaving under a cloud and it is just so sad that this inevitable decision has resulted in having to lose some great people. Notably, Davie Ferries, our head chef, has worked tirelessly and put his heart and soul into the rebranding and development of our restaurant and has become a lifelong friend.

For those of you that always look forward to our food offering and give us your full support, I trust and hope you will understand.

We look forward to the challenge, your continued support and the opportunities that this presents.




An integral part of the Buccleuch, our restaurant, aptly named the “Beef Tub Comfort Grill” has an enviable reputation throughout Southern Scotland.


Whether dropping in for a bar meal or a dinner, you can be sure that our chefs use the finest ingredients to prepare award winning food every day of the week.

How fortunate we are in the South Scotland and surrounds to have so many suppliers that meet our very high standards of quality, providing food products of the highest standing all of the time. Indeed Scotland is blessed with many world class producers who are as passionate about quality food as we are. These are not just idle words but form a very serious part of the very ethos of this hotel.

We are proud, in the truest sense of the word to present you with product and dishes from some of our key food suppliers and producers that would meet the criteria of the most discerning kitchens anywhere! Having identified our quality suppliers, we take on the responsibility and challenge of working with their raw product and presenting our guests with a dish we can all be proud of.

It is with great pleasure that over the years we have developed a strong understanding of the coeliac disease and the creation of coeliac dishes. It gives us so much gratification when we see people who have not eaten out in years who have been able to come and enjoy our food with confidence. See our menus for information on how we go about catering for our coeliac (and other dietary requirements) guests.