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"Been a couple of times myself with friends and family. Took my partner and we were blew away! It had received a make over since my last visit and it gets better and better. Great service, great menu and the food was amazing. Served very hot and fresh. 10/10"
Jacob T

Buccleuch Breakfast

Buccleuch Arms Hotel Moffat


When starting your day at the Buccleuch, you really do get the best of all worlds.

This is a good opportunity to meet up with our morning team. How they manage to be full of vigour and enthusiasm so early in the morning, remains a mystery.

We hope that you will find the same pleasure in your breakfast as the rest of our food in the Hotel. No pre-cooked, warmed up breakfasts here. Ordered and cooked to your specification by a chef. Get it how you want it and at the quantities you want as well. It will be up to you to ask the waiter for any special requests. Do try us – you may be surprised.

You may have booked your room under the lower priced “No breakfast included option” tariff. Unless you really do not like breakfast we would recommend that you try ours. We are truly very proud of it. If you change your mind and want to give it a bash, simply let Reception know – so that they can prepare a table for you or nip up and speak to the breakfast waiter if you only decide in the morning. We will simply add it to the bill. If you booked your room under the “Bed & Breakfast included” tariff – you are all set to go … We trust that you will enjoy. In the event that you booked the “No breakfast included option” tariff but now feel you would like a small bite or perhaps to keep your friend, partner or colleague company. We have included the possibility to have Tea or Coffee with toast (and the usual selection of butter, marmalade, jam etc.) – generally two slices at a small marginal cost.

This is your last meal with us and we truly believe in setting you up for the day … You will enjoy our breakfast!

Breakfast Rates:

£10.50 … Full Breakfast

£7 … Children’s Breakfast (12yrs and under)

Breakfast Menu

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NB: Pack Lunches are available by arrangement. We have a good selection for you and they all come in an insulated carrier case. We even have our own flasks for sale in various sizes for hot beverages and soup. You can have a peep at the pack lunch menu HERE.